MrGreen Casino dares you to double the dosh

Only those who take chances can hope to win big and MrGreen Casino promote this idea, while mrgLogoalso presenting its members with numerous safety nets.

Cash out deals and rake back offers will help them stay afloat even when they run through a rough stretch.

Meanwhile, they are encouraged to take their chances and a new opportunity has presented itself in the form of a €10,000 back.

This campaign has started on January 1 and will conclude on January 20, but in between players will receive a ticket for the upcoming raffle each time they wager €7. If you wager larger amounts, you will receive more tickets, therefore your chances of winning the raffles will also improve.

The top prize is an all paid vacation that includes a VIP experience in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Money makes the world go around and that’s why those who are more inclined to collect cash prizes, will rejoice hearing that €10,000 will be divided among the finalists. The raffle is scheduled for January 21, so this is the moment when the names of the winners will be revealed.


The winner is expected to collect €2500, which is a lot of money, and the runner-up is also entitled to hope for a significant prize of €2000.
Under normal circumstances, there is a huge gap between the winner and the player finishing second, but also those further down the chain.

This is not the case with this new MrGreen Casino promotion, because the player in the third-place will collect €1500 and the ones in the fourth and fifth will get €1000.

For more prizes representing a combined amount of €2000 will be distributed among those who finish between the 6th and the 10th place.