Net Entertainment enters the Eastern European market

Net Entertainment is conquering new frontiers all the time and nothing seems to be able to netent-logostop them in their tracks.

Truth be told, they have a quality product and the ability to reach customers from all over the world.

The Scandinavian software developer is preferred by dozens of leading online casinos and many other operators are expected to join. Having said this, there is no stopping to their constant expansion and right now they have their eyes fixed on the Eastern European market.

Changing legislation has made it difficult for online casinos to cater for customers from these nations. However, things are changing and the wheels are set in motion for more casinos to be allowed. National gambling regulators are starting to authorize select casinos and software developers who have applied for licensing. They have realized the importance of allowing more than to tag along, in order to find this deficit and bring more money to state coffers.

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Net Ent casinos are taking advantage of this change and are now adapting to regulated markets. The first steps have already been made and the applied for a license, which was granted immediately.

As long as they abide by the rules and offer games that are audited for fairness, they have nothing to worry about. The fact that the regulators are sometimes a bit Street is in the end in the best interest of players. They can rest assured that the games they play are fair and the house edge won’t crush them.

Applying for a license can be a cumbersome process, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. The fact that he took longer than expected to receive these licenses is obviously bad news, but this is the result of bureaucracy. Other software developers such as Playtech and Vermantia jumped on the bandwagon and apply for the aforementioned licenses. In their case, the process was not any faster, with the same procedures being completed before a licenses granted.

Players from Eastern European market can now celebrate, knowing that some of the industry leaders have entered their countries. The short-term results are expected to be overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of new games being added. Not only the producers of games will benefit from these licenses, but also the casinos powered by then.

They will have an easier time entering this market and now have the incentive to make this expansion sooner rather than later.